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An Alaskan Sexual Fantasy ...

(This was originally posted on my blog ... I love this story so much I wanted to share it with you. Please note, this story is a fantasy ... )

Not long ago, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine – to visit Alaska. I can’t say it was entirely about seeing the countryside though, as what you might not know about me is that I have a particular fondness for the show, “The Deadliest Catch.” The fishermen on the show are all sexy to me, in their own way, and seeing them in ‘real life’ is something I’ve wanted to do since discovering the show. I went online, noted the start of the crab fishing season this fall, and planned my trip accordingly.

I wanted to get to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, a few days before the crab season started in hopes of seeing some of the fishermen working on their boats, buying supplies or even down at the local bars. I’m sure I’m not the first ‘Deadliest Catch’ junkie to travel up here but I wanted to see it for myself.

Unfortunately, as with many things in Alaska, time can be relative. The plane rides to Dutch can be cancelled at a moment’s notice and until the weather clears, there’s no travel to or from. Although I had planned a few days of ‘slush’ time onto the beginning of my schedule, I did not arrive in Dutch until October 16 – one day after the season had started.

I had already paid for my hotel room and had planned a few weeks stay in Alaska as it was, so I thought I had might as well visit Dutch – who knew, maybe I’d run into a camera crew or someone who could give me some insight into the lives of the crabfishermen … perhaps a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the show.

I wander down to the bar in my hotel, the Grand Aleutian Hotel, sit down and order up a crab cake sandwich and a beer. It is clear from looking around the hotel that they have been busy recently … but aren’t busy now. My heart sinks a bit as I realize the likelihood of seeing anyone remotely involved with the show is nearly nil.

The longer I sit, the more the bartender is kind enough to engage me in conversation. He asks what I’m doing there, why I’m in Dutch and how long I plan to stay. He seems surprised to hear that someone from the lower 48 would be so fascinated with the lifestyle in Dutch but he is kind enough to answer my questions.

Just as he is serving me my second beer, the bartender shouts out a greeting to a guy who has just walked into the bar. Cousteau (as I later learn is his nickname) is mid-thirties, I’d guess, with dark hair and eyes. He has a start of a mustache and it is clear he’s not had one before, as his hand seems to touch it ever so often, like he is amazed to find it growing on his face.

Turns out Cousteau is with the Coast Guard and has been stationed in Alaska for a short time. He received the nickname ‘Cousteau’ for his love of diving after the famed diver, Jacques Cousteau. He sits a couple of stools down from me at the bar and is ordering his food and beer as well.

I learn from the bartender that Cousteau is also a ‘Deadliest Catch’ junkie and soon he moves over to the barstool beside me and we talk about the show, what captains we like, the normal fan-geek stuff. I can’t help but notice that Cousteau licks his upper lip after he takes a sip of beer – ostensibly to clean off his moustache of beer but it has given me other ideas …

After several beers, more food and lots of laughs later, Cousteau and I have gotten closer and closer at the bar. At one point, I lean over towards him and place my hand near his on the bar. In return, he leans in and places his right hand on my left thigh. Both our eyes widen as we both feel the jolt of electricity between us. There’s something more here than just a shared love of a TV show. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as I realize that maybe I’m not looking for the show … maybe I’m looking for an adventure.

Cousteau confesses to needing to get back to the boat, as he hasn’t made a reservation in the hotel and the boat is his bed for the night. I express sympathy and as we both get up from the bar and walk out, we walk past the hall to my room. In a split second decision, I lean in, press him against the wall and kiss him deeply. I feel his mouth open against mine and all the excitement I felt not long ago is doubled … tripled … quadrupled. I cannot imagine letting this man sleep alone in his bunk tonight after all the fantasies I’ve had about him all night long.

We break from each other and with a gasp he asks if I want something. I look at him, drinking in his dark eyes and tell him that I want him to fuck me tonight. What he sees in my eyes offers him no question that I’ve asked for what I want.

In what seems like seconds, we are in my room. From the door to the bed isn’t but a few feet, but soon it is littered with clothes, all taken off one step at a time as he backs me towards the bed. ....

Part 2

We are now on the bed and he is on his back … I felt his cock rub against me as we kissed and I want it in my mouth in the worst way. I’m slowly working down from his sexy face to his chest, taking in a nipple into my mouth to see his reaction. I continue further down his chest, finding that what I’ve felt between clothing is beyond beautiful.

Wonderfully shaped with a nice round head, I take him deep into my mouth as he lets out the first of many moans that night. I can tell he hasn’t had sex in awhile so I take my time with him, teasing, licking, sucking and tonguing his entire shaft. Feeling the pressure build, I lean further down, taking his balls in my mouth and sucking them – he’s watching me and I look up into his eyes as I lick lower yet … licking his perineum and ass … making him writhe on the bed. His cock is jumping a bit … he’s not had this done and isn’t sure about me licking him here but ultimately some well placed pressure on his perineum and a deep throating by me sends a gusher of cum down my throat. It seems like he is cumming for hours with the load he sends down my throat. I suck it down, massaging his balls and cock as I do, taking each drop into my mouth. He calls my name as he cums and the sound is music to my ears.

He looks at me, sighs and asked me what I’ve done to him and how I’ve gotten him to cum so hard and so well. I laugh and tell him what I’ve done. He says he’ll want a repeat performance later … and I agree. His glorious hard cock was a thing of beauty and I want to admire it again.

He wants to return the favor and asks that I sit on his face. I climb aboard, sitting gingerly as he begins to lick my pussy. He tells me it isn’t hard enough for him, I need to grind down on his face and cover his face in my pussy juice. His moustache is providing some much needed friction as he tongues and sucks at my pussy, teasing my clit with each lick. He takes his index finger and middle finger and inserts them into my pussy, driving me wild … as he strokes them in and out he tells me he is going to fuck my ass tonight and he wants to make sure that I’m good and wet for him. Just hearing that he’s going to fuck my ass sends me into orbit – I am grinding, he is rubbing and sucking and I’m cumming all over his face. He pulls out his fingers and rubs them over my asshole, slowly entering first with his index finger, then his middle finger. Soon he is stroking in and out of my ass, using his thumb on that hand to penetrate my pussy and rubbing his lips, tongue and moustache all over my clit. I don’t know how many times I came while he did this, all I know is I’m sure we cleared out the hotel with my moans. As he continues to rub my ass, pussy and clit all at the same time, I’m calling his name, begging him to fuck me and fuck me now … I’m shuddering with an unbelievable climax, drenching him with my pussy juice and as I look behind me, I notice his cock is ready to go again …

I tell him to fuck me, and he is insistent now. He pulls me over onto my back and pulls my legs over my head. My thighs are touching my breasts as he positions his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He is hard as steel and I know I’m in for a fucking. I tell him not to forget my ass and he assures me he won’t … and at that exact moment he drives inside me.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! I scream as he fills me with his cock. He feels so wonderful inside me, drilling me hard as I rub my clit with my free hand. He pumps and rocks me, making me cum and moan louder and louder … as he pumps inside me I can feel him growing even harder – and I cannot believe it. I am so tight and slick, he is hard and wet and between the two of us we’ll realign a planet or two with this fuck.

As he pulls out, I can see his cock is covered in my sticky white juices … I know he wants to fuck my ass now and with delicious anticipation I await him entering my ass.

He pulls my legs down a little, still over my head but not as tight, pulling my legs together as he slowly enters my ass. He doesn’t slow a minute to let me adjust and just for a second I feel like I’m being torn apart … then release. He is so wet from my cum that he is sliding in and out with abandon … filling me, fucking me and making me cum over and over. As he fucks me in this position he takes his thumb and roughly runs it over my clit. In seconds I am cumming again and he feels my pussy and ass clench as he pounds away at me.

In one smooth motion, he flips me onto my knees … and continues to fuck my ass as he pulls my hair back with one hand and spanks my ass with the other. I have my back arched, my hair in his hands and my ass is getting the fucking of its life. Just when I think I can’t possibly cum any more, I feel his balls get heavier as they bounce against my clit. I know he’s going to cum soon and I want to feel him explode in my ass. He slows a bit and I can tell he will pull out if I want him to … I look back into his dark eyes and tell him that I want to feel him pump my ass full of cum. I reach back, give my clit one final hard rub and we both explode at the same time … my ass clenching and milking every inch of his cock as he unloads inside me.

He pulls out and pushes me forward. I’m lying on my stomach, panting heavily as he lies beside me … and I lean over to kiss him, licking my pussy juices from his moustache as I do so …

by Scorpio

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